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Expert Guidance for Stressful Situations

Receiving a traffic citation is stressful, and next steps can be intimidating. But with a legal advocate on your side, you’re better positioned to understand potential outcomes and lessen the overall impact of your violation.

Here at MWH, our Traffic Law team carefully evaluates each situation in order to protect your rights with the strongest defense possible. We’ll thoughtfully guide you through each stage of the legal process, all while working hard to save you time, money, and headaches.

You Got a Traffic Ticket. What’s Next?

If you’ve received a ticket, don’t panic. An experienced attorney can help you to address the issue while avoiding undesirable outcomes like license points and expensive fines. 

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“Anytime I need unbelievable service I come to the team at McCullers, Whitaker and Hamer, PLLC. They helped me close on my first house and provided quick turnaround. They helped me start an LLC and educated me on the best options for opening a business. I have used them for many other services and will continue to use them in all my future endeavors! Keep up the great work guys!”
Joseph Amara
“The MWH team is who you call for ALL your legal needs. I have personally used the excellent professional services of Damion McCullers and his legal expertise has never failed me. I trust his abilities so much I have referred several family members and friends to him for assistance. MWH is prompt and attentive to their clients and that quality is rare in this busy legal industry. I applaud the MWH team.”
Jan Sanders
“I have been using this firm since 2005 and they are the most down- to-earth, professional firm I have ever used. Their technology and customer service surpasses many local firms. Highly recommended!”
Martha Russell
“"Thank you McCullers, Whitaker & Hamer PLLC for a clean, quick closing!"”
Andrew Jones
“"I'm looking forward to working with McCullers, Whitaker & Hamer PLLC again!" ”
Michelle Morock

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Fight Your Traffic Ticket