New Software Upgrades = Simplistic Service

June 03, 2022

We have been growing, setting up new offices across the state, and expanding our presence in the communities in which we have offices. One way to maintain our expansion is to update our software and streamline our communication with our clients.

Your law firm for life! New changes to help us stay to our motto

The firm is growing and therefore advancing our technology to ensure that our internal processes are efficient. These software changes will make our process more simple, provide regular updates to our clients,  and it is more secure for our clients.

We are conducting a massive upgrade within our title search and preclosing departments. One big feature of this upgrade is called Alanna. Alanna is a way for our clients to communicate with our upgraded system via text or online chat. There will be an automated chat or text messages that will provide updates on closing files. Buyer and Sellers will have the option to get automatic updates a well.

Alanna will also help with language translation so we can communicate with our foreign clients. Our clients will be able to communicate general questions, access their documents anytime, receive cost estimates, and get updated when documents are complete. We are very excited to launch these new software features. Our preclosing and title search departments will have more abilities to keep up with our growing housing community.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Studio Time…

Whitaker & Hamer is back in the studio working on our Judica County podcast, commercials, Outlaw Lawyer, and more!

Judica County gives viewers an inside look to Whitaker & Hamer and the practice areas of our attorneys. While, Outlaw Lawyer provides listeners a lawyer’s take on national legal matters, covering todays topics like abortion, elections, high profile cases, etc. Check out  or Judica County on YouTube for all of our content.


Listen to The OutLaw Lawyer Now!

Judica County Podcast

WH produces it’s very own video podcast.  Judica County is hosted by Attorney Josh Whitaker.  The podcast is meant to discuss common legal issues that our clients may find helpful.

Our attorneys have done several episodes of our unique podcast in order to provide helpful tips about real estate, criminal matters and more!

Go watch an episode! All episodes are available on or via our website.

Everyone probably has a different idea of what “middle class” means, what “affordable housing” means . . . Whatever picture you have in your head, it is disappearing from Raleigh. The problem has been going on for a while but increased in the last two years. One way in which the law firm tries to help is through partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Wake County, Inc. This allows us to sit down with buyers who qualified with Habitat for Humanity County, Inc. and celebrate with them at closing when they realize the American dream of homeownership.

There are some good folks who spend a lot of time working on making sure affordable housing still exists. But not enough. It is fantastic that so many people want to move to our area to work and live, but there is still brave work needed to ensure that there is affordable housing for our local homebuyers.

Attorney Spotlight: Cassandra Nicholas

Attorney Cassandra Nicholas grew up in North Dakota and still loves to visit family there – but never in the winter. She received her bachelor’s degree, cum laude, in international business, Spanish, and political science from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, before relocating to the Washington, DC area. Attorney Nicholas earned her law degree from American University Washington College of Law as an evening student while working full time at the US Department of Justice.

She moved to North Carolina during the pandemic looking for a welcoming community and rewarding lifestyle – and has found an abundance of both here. She and her now-husband, Michael, then eloped to Las Vegas and have the pictures with Elvis to prove it. Attorney Nicholas joined Whitaker & Hamer, PLLC, in 2021, and enjoys her daily work, the tightknit team environment, and her occasional appearances on the Judica County and Outlaw Lawyer podcasts as well as at firm events.

Outside of the office, Attorney Nicholas savors the sweet life with Michael and their cat, Elly, whether lounging by a bonfire, taking a walk in the woods, or attending all the local music scene has to offer. She’ll even pick up a book for fun whenever contracts cease to float in her eyes.

Attorney Nicholas is barred in North Carolina and Washington, DC. She is a Jill of many-but-not-all trades and can assist you with real estate closings, a wide range of contract review and drafting, business purchase transactions, negotiating breach of contract disputes, estate administration, and more. Attorney Nicholas is located primarily in Whitaker & Hamer’s Garner office and would be happy to consult with you in person or by phone.

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