We are branching out and moving forward!

April 27, 2021

MWH has been growing our business and setting up new offices across North Carolina. We decided that now was time to work on getting our information and advice to YOU, our clients. We are happy to start with this. 

McCullers Whitaker and Hamer, PLLC was created in the year 2004 under the name McCullers & Whitaker. Since 2004, the firm has grown tremdously. The firm added a new partner in the spring of 2013 and became the MWH firm that people have come to love. MWH has continued to expand it’s practice by adding new attorneys that practice in areas outside of real estate. Though, the firm stays true to it’s first love: real estate. The firm has handled thousands of closings in between our many offices whether a purchase or a refinance. Our attorneys know real estate and are prepared to help you with your home and beyond. Our first newsletter comes on the tails of COVID-19, which unintentionally, gave us time to look into our social media presence, redesign our website, and update our attorney photos. 

Motto: Your law firm for life! Our new changes are only helping us to stay true to this! 

The new website was the first step in making it easier for you, our clients, to contact us, and have clear addresses for our offices across the state. Even though our firm is growing, we are still a small-business that can have provide a personal touch when helping clients with any legal matter.

We handle a wide range of legal matters from real estate to criminal, or from family law to wills/estates. We provide high-quality service with the local business touch. We are revitalizing the business in order to make sure any client that walks through our doors is satisfied with their experience. Give us a call and see how we can become your firm for life. 

Download the PDF version of our newsletter here.

Current Topics

What Happens After Closing?

Congratulations! You’ve finished signing all the documents, and you can rest your hand. However, the process is not fully complete just yet. 

After closing, our dedicated staff reviews the file to ensure all documents were signed and notarized before ensuring we have money from both the buyer and/or the lender. Next, the deed of trust and the deed are scanned in, uploaded, and submitted to the County for recording. The process may take a few hours depending on the time each step takes. Once it is recorded, keys and/or checks are ready for pick up!

The many areas where we are your firm for life 

McCullers, Whitaker, & hamer is known for our real estate transcations, but did you know the other areas we provide services in. 


Attorney McCullers has spent years in criminal court advocating for clients in matters ranging from simple speeding tickets to felony crimes. Is someone you know involved in a criminal case? Give us a call

Estate Planning 

COVID-19 has made all of consider what plans we have in place should the worse happen. Who is going to own the house? What about that family heirloom? 

What about your children or grandchildren? These are all questions that may cause you stress and worry. The simple solution: a will. Attorney Ashley Pinner spends half of her day preparing wills for clients to ensure that your family is provided for. 


Has the family life become a little chaotic? It’s understandable and even expected sometimes, but if it has become so chaotic that you are considering a divorce or separation agreement. Attorney Taylor Scruggs- Smith would be happy to help you. 

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Judica County

MWH produces its very own video podcast. Judica County is hosted by Attorney Josh Whitaker.

Our attorneys have done several episodes of our unique podcast in order to provide helpful tips about real estate, criminal matters, and more!

Go watch an episode! All episodes are available on YouTube or via our website here.

COVID 19: Response and Effects

The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has rocked the country. From stay at home orders to social distancing, COVID-19 has changed our everyday lives. It has changed the legal world as well. Most legal work is done through phone, email, WebEx, and other electronic tools. Our office atmosphere has changed as well.

Our office cares about your safety and health. Due to COVID-19, we implanted new policies in order to support social distancing. Our conference rooms are cleaned in between closings. We have limited the amount of people that can attend closings in order to protect not only our clients but our staff as well. We have limited walk-in clients, and installed new air filters to make sure our air is crisp and clean. We’re your firm for life, and we want that life to be a long one.

Attorney Spotlight: Damion L. McCullers

Damion L. McCullers is a founding member of the firm of McCullers, Whitaker, Hamer, PLLC. Damion graduated with his Bachelor’s in 2000 from North Carolina Central University and went on to Campbell University School of Law where he graduated from in 2003.

He spends most of his time in state, federal, district and superior courts within the triangle area helping clients in areas of criminal and civil law. 

Damion has previously served Wake County as an Assistant District Attorney and District Court Arbitrator, and he has worked for Legal Aid of North Carolina. Gov. Cooper has said that, “Damion is an experienced attorney and thoughtful leader who will make an excellent District Court Judge.” Damion was appointed judge on April 13, 2021. It is a bittersweet moment for the firm, but we are proud and honored to have been apart of his legal journey. 

Beyond Damion’s impressive legal career, Damion is wonderful individual. He is a proud supporter and fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Additionally, he has a love for motorcycles. He resides in Holly Springs, North Carolina with his wife, Bene, and their two boys and two daughters. The family also has a four- legged member named Dolce, his Pitbull dog. 

Damion is a dedicated parent and thoroughly enjoys times with his kids, including taking them to gymnastics. He is the oldest of two children and has been raised from the start with a focus on family and leadership. His father was a principal that raised him in the leadership style which explains why Damion now has a large focus on mentorship. 

Damion is also very big on mentorship and believes in encouraging you men and women to achieve the best version of themselves. 

Outside of being a dedicated parent, Damion enjoys riding motorcycles. He is currently prefers Harleys. 

Damion may be leaving the firm for a better opportunity, but he has left his mark on the firm and our lives. 

Featured Office: Goldsboro

Located in downtown Goldsboro…

Near the courthouse, our Goldsboro location is prepared to assist you with real estate closings and other real estate matters, even some estate matters. This office is run by Attorney Jordan Mackey who lives in Goldsboro as well.

New to some and old to others

This office has been in the MWH family for some time, but it has flown under the radar. However, we have started to shine a bright light on this office location in order to assist you better as your firm for life!

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MWH is proud to serve and support our local communities. One of the many ways in which we do this is through our work with Habitat for Humanity! Damion McCullers has handled over 130 closings for Habitat. Stay tuned for more information about our community support. 

Final Thoughts

We would like to send a sincere thank you to all of our clients and real estate agents for supporting our new policies during COVID-19 and limiting the amount of people that attend closing. Our staff are thankful for your efforts during this time.