Judica County Podcast Returns (now with video!)


Judica County, the legal podcast sponsored by the law firm of McCullers, Whitaker & Hamer, PLLC, is back with Season Two.  This season, Judica County has added a video component.  Episode 201 focuses on your rights when stopped by a law enforcement.  Although our discussion focuses on what law enforcement may be looking for if they suspect you may be intoxicated, the panel’s advice on a motorist’s rights when stopped by law enforcement apply to all stops.

The panel in Episode 201 is composed of your host, Attorney Josh Whitaker (McCullers, Whitaker & Hamer, PLLC); Attorney Damion L. McCullers (McCullers, Whitaker & Hamer, PLLC); Attorney Joseph T. Hamer (McCullers, Whitaker & Hamer, PLLC) and Attorney Eric Hudson (McCullers, Whitaker & Hamer, PLLC).

In addition to the discussion, the panel has a few beers and blows into the blood alcohol measuring device to give the viewer an idea of how fast blood alcohol levels can rise.

Topics Covered in this episode: