No Need to Fear, TRID is HERE!

Attorneys Joe Hamer, Ashley Pinner and Josh Whitaker sit on our panel today to discuss the upcoming changes to the real estate closing process as a result of the Truth-In-Lending Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act Integrated Disclosure Act (TRID).  TRID will change how and when you are able to close your real estate purchase or refinance.

In addition, TRID changes how your real estate closing attorney handles your closing.  Real Estate closing attorneys are required to conform to industry-approved best practices.  These best practices govern everything from secure email to trust account reconciliation.

This podcast is geared towards real estate professionals who have questions/concerns as to how TRID will affect the real estate closing process . . . from timeline to the preparation of the new integrated disclosure statement.

Our panel has collectively closed over 10,000 North Carolina real estate closings and have spent the last calendar year preparing for the changes implemented by TRID.