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When you are charged with a crime, it doesn’t have to mean your life’s course will change, but it definitely can.

You need to hire an attorney to help gather all the facts for your case so your criminal case doesn’t follow you for years. It helps to hire an attorney who is comfortable with the law, and knows how to deal with prosecutors, law enforcement, and the court system.

If you’d like to meet with an attorney to discuss your charge, call us today at 919-772-7000. We can set up a consultation so we can figure out how to best meet the needs for your case. We handle everything from local ordinance violations to state and federal misdemeanors, as well as state and federal felonies.

We’re a team of knowledgeable attorneys with many years’ experience helping defend clients during trials and resolve cases both in and out of court. We can help put your mind at ease when it comes to what your future holds. We can walk you through the legal system of North Carolina and discuss all the options you have within the law.

We want to help you understand all your choices so you can make the best decision for you, whether that be taking your case to trial or accepting a plea deal. We want to achieve the best possible outcome so that you can work on moving on with your life.

Some areas that we cover include:

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