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Driving while impaired, or DWI, is never a good idea, but when the worst happens, we are here to help guide you through the legal process.

Whether this is your first DWI offense, or you are a repeat offender, we can work to lessen the impact of your charges.

In the case of a DWI, it is imperative to get an attorney involved quickly. The Law Firm of Whitaker & Hamer, PLLC, and its team of skilled attorneys, has years of experience helping motorists fight their DWI charges and to reduce the ultimate impact.

Our attorneys will go through the complete sequence of events from the time you are charged to the disposition of your case. We will pore over every detail of your case to provide the best possible defense.

Fighting a DWI is never easy, but with the right steps and legal representation, you have a much better chance. After careful analysis and evaluation of the evidence in the case, our attorneys prepare their arguments to best protect your rights.

We understand that a DWI conviction can be detrimental, and we will do our best for you. Keep reading for answers to common questions about tickets and traffic law.

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Common questions about Traffic Law in North Carolina:

Do I need a lawyer for a speeding ticket in NC?

A traffic ticket can seem like a minor inconvenience and it may seem easier to mail in the payment and move on. You may not want to take off work or navigate the court system for such a small infraction.

However, simply pleading guilty to speeding and mailing in the fine is not the end of the matter for you. Any time you are convicted of a traffic violation your insurance rates will increase! That increase can remain on your insurance policy for years, costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the offense and your driving record. Depending on the nature of your ticket and your driving record, you could lose your license. Our firm will work to make sure that these adverse effects are as minimal as possible.

Hiring an attorney puts the expertise of a seasoned professional on your side. Your attorney will evaluate your driving record, the ticket, and the specific legal situation in your county. Your attorney knows the law and has the negotiating skills to get you the best possible result from the district attorney on your traffic matter.

Investing in an attorney to handle your matter now will pay for itself over the next few years in the fines, fees, and insurance increases that your attorney will help you avoid.

Do you have to go to court for a speeding ticket in North Carolina?

Your citation will have a court date printed on it. You have the option of mailing in your ticket or pleading guilty online and making the payment for the fine and court fees associated with your ticket.

Also, if you hire an attorney, you may not have to go to court because many traffic violations are waivable offenses. Your attorney can appear for you and obtain the best possible outcome that will save you time, hassle, and money. Allowing an attorney to appear on your behalf lets you avoid missing work, navigating traffic at the courthouse, and the hassle of managing the legal system on your own.

How much does a lawyer cost for a speeding ticket in NC? 

The cost of your attorney depends on the seriousness of your offense and what your prior record looks like. The more serious your offense and the more infractions you have on your driving record will increase the amount you will spend on legal representation.

For most speeding tickets, you will spend a few hundred dollars. In the long run, this small investment up front will save you that amount many times over by avoiding insurance increases, fines, and fees.

How many points is a speeding ticket in NC?

It depends on the infraction you were charged with. Just one (1) point on your license, which a speeding ticket for 10 mph over is worth, can cause your insurance rates to increase by 30%. Four (4) points, which a ticket for speeding in excess of 75 mph when the speed limit is less than 70 mph points is worth, can cause an 80% increase. Some traffic convictions can increase your insurance by 340%! Learn more about insurance points at NC Insurance Points. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about traffic laws and will work to make sure your ticket has the least impact on you as possible.

What happens if I get a speeding ticket in North Carolina?

You will receive a citation from the officer who pulls you over. A court date will be set for you IN THE COUNTY IN WHICH YOU WERE SPEEDING. If you do not hire an attorney or pay the ticket online, you will need to appear in court on the appropriate date and talk to the District Attorney about your matter.

If you hire one of our attorneys, we will work with you to prevent you from having to come to court. Depending on the violation, we may ask you to attend a driving class or do some community service to reduce your ticket in order to avoid insurance points. Our attorney will go to court for you on the appointed date and resolve your matter. Occasionally, we will continue your matter in order to get more information from the District Attorney or give you time to complete classes or community service. We will continue to appear on your behalf until the matter is resolved. If the offense is not a waivable offense, you will have to appear in court with your attorney for final disposition of your matter.

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