Whitaker and Hamer, PLLC was created in the year 2004 under the name McCullers & Whitaker. It was the hope of the founding partners to be a helpful force in their hometown area, specifically through the practice of law. The firm added new partner, Joe Hamer, in the spring of 2013 and became the McCullers, Whitaker & Hamer, affectionally called MWH, firm that people have come to love.

In early summer of 2021, Damion McCullers left the firm for a life on the judge’s bench. This caused a big change for the office including the MWH name our clients loved. Our name changed to Whitaker & Hamer during the summer of 2021 along with our logo. However, the name change doesn’t change the heart of who we are. We are still your firm for life! 

The firm first love and big practice area is real estate. The firm has handled thousands of closings in between our many offices whether a purchase or a refinance. Since our start, Whitaker & Hamer has handled over 62,000 closings.

However, we are not limited to just real estate matters. Whitaker & Hamer has continued to expand it’s practice by adding new attorneys that practice in areas outside of real estate. The firm now has attorneys that practice in areas of Traffic, Criminal, Family, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Business Law, and Personal Injury.

Our attorneys have the experience, knowledge, staff and facilities to represent you in a professional and ethical manner.