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WH attorneys routinely advise major non-profits, international businesses, private universities, banks and lending institutions.  Let the experience of WH’s attorneys work for you. From a real estate closing to a traffic citation, from representing clients injured in accidents to representing a corporation litigating a contract dispute, from negotiating a separation agreement to administrating an estate, our attorneys have the experience, knowledge, staff and facilities to represent you in a professional and ethical manner.

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Criminal Cases (Traffic & Defense)
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Estates Admin & Planning
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WH’s attorneys pride themselves on their experience, their diversity and their participation in the communities they serve.

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Judica County: WH’s Very Own Video Podcast

WH produces it’s very own video podcast.  Judica County is hosted by Attorney Josh Whitaker.  The podcast is meant to discuss common legal issues that our clients may find helpful.

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From Our Clients

“I've had over 50 real estate closing with these guys. They're not the average law firm. They actually care about their clients.”
“My parents have been putting off creating Wills and Power of Attorneys for quite some time. I was finally able to convince them to inquire with an attorney. I can’t thank this firm enough for guiding my mother and father through the process of assisting them with their estate planning needs, especially during this pandemic. Because of Whitaker & Hamer, our family now feels at ease! Attorney Pinner and her Paralegal did a wonderful job explaining the benefits and specifics of each document. It was a simple process. Very professional, communicative, and highly recommend!”
“Taylor was by far the best attorney I’ve ever spoken too. Young, beautiful and she defines black excellence. She specializes in everything such as Real Estate, Traffic and Family Law just too name a few. She will now be my family attorney. Thank you for your knowledge and your kind words!”
“We had a great experience! Our closing was quick and easy and we felt very comfortable.”
Michael Z.
“I went to several attorneys. Cassandra is incredible. Everything from friendly discussion to legal expertise. I would recommend her for any legal needs.”
“Professional in every way.”
Toby W.
“Taylor was great to work with! She made closing day a breeze. She explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. Highly recommend her for your closing needs!”
Alayna L.
“Love working with Ashley Pinner! Very knowledgeable and kind! Highly recommend!!”
Bonnie M.
“Josh, Taylor & Cassondra are who I’ve worked with the most & they are always flexible & always provide great service!”
“Taylor is amazing! She did everything she could to help my clients today and I super appreciate her professionalism and sense of humor during closings. She keeps things moving along quickly with brief but clear explanations and always greets clients with a warm smile.”

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